Canada: Basic Travel Guide

Canada has always been considered to be one of the best travel destinations especially among people who are looking for adventures. Canada is known for the many natural attractions (Niagara Falls), incredible mountainous scenery in national parks and for the cities that have rich history and tradition like Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. This country has something for every visitor who decides to travel to this part of the world. People can enjoy walking in beautiful downtowns, enjoy nature and wild animals and they can also enjoy in many adventures. Canada is the second largest country on our planet right after Russia and takes most of the North American continent. It starts from the Atlantic Ocean and goes all the way to the pacific and has six time zones. It is good to point out that Canada has two official languages and two cultures – English and French. This is also one of the countries that are very rich in natural resources. The capital city is Ottawa and the official currency is Canadian dollar.


Those who are wondering when is the right time to visit Canada should know that every season in this country is special, but most people decide to go there during summer because the weather is pleasant and people can enjoy outdoor activities. Keep in mind that the term summer is not the same all over Canada. In the southern part of Canada, summer usually starts in May and lasts till September and in the northern part it lasts much shorter – from the middle of June to early September. Now let’s see what people should visit while they are in Canada.

Niagara Falls – they are among the highest, largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world. They present the national border between USA and Canada, the view on the Canadian side is better.

Toronto – the capital city of Ontario province is the largest city in Canada. This is a very diverse city in terms of ethnicities that live there.

Banf National Park –this is the oldest national park in this country. It features breathtaking mountains, glaciers and mountain lakes.

In addition, people should visit Queen Charlotte Islands, Tofino, Jasper National park, Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec City.

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