The Best Destinations Travel Destination in the World this autumn

This is a period of the year when people usually want to visit some cities that are usually too hot during summer time. We have created a list of four cities in different parts of the world that are definitely worth visiting this autumn.

Amsterdam the city of windmills and tulips

Amsterdam is a travel destination in which (almost) everything is allowed. During the day, the largest city in the Netherlands is ideal for “sailing” in some of the many channels around the city. You can also visit the beautiful museums, flower markets and squares. During the night, Amsterdam is turned into a wild party destination. In this city you may dislike the fact that it is frequently raining. So, don’t forget to wear warm clothes and take an umbrella.

Fall in love in Paris

According to many people, Paris is the city of love. Any individual can experience some wonderful moments there. For instance, walking on Elysian Fields is a feeling that cannot be described with words. Champs-Elysees street is the most prestigious and widest avenue and one of the most expensive and famous streets in the world. The symbol of Paris is the Eiffel tower, an interesting structure that is more than 300 meters tall. It was supposed to be deconstructed after 20 years, but the authorities decided to keep it.


Dubai – the city of luxury

Dubai was once a small town in the desert. Today it is the city with the most luxurious hotels, tallest buildings in the world and expensive shopping malls. This is surely one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. The discovery of oil has skyrocketed this city and now people from all over the globe go there. It is good to mention that people are advised to respect the traditions of local population. For example, consumption of alcohol is only allowed in nightclubs and bars.

London – the royal city

London is a noisy and energetic city, but still clean and well-organized. Many people call London the capital of Europe and about 100 years ago it was considered to be the capital of the world because of the power of the British Empire. Besides the numerous cultural and historical attractions, London is offering good shopping and nightlife experience.